According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (The Institute), in 2007 to 2008, there were over 51,700 persons injured in land transport accidents. The Institute goes on to state that nearly 63% were due to on-road accidents. That is a lot of vehicles with damage that needs to be repaired. Vehicle insurance companies require at least one quote for car respray costs and other repairs. Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs is capable and ready to assist you in your time of need for vehicle repair work.

Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs only uses high quality Automotive paint in their repairs.

car resprayLaurie Barrie Smash Repairs utilizes a Semi-Down Draft Truck & Car Baking Booth by Monarch Industries. This booth is precision manufactured using strict guidelines and is the only cyclone rated booth in Australia. Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs has taken this additional cost on due to their dedication to proper and correct paint solutions for their customers. This booth uses the “5 tick” Australian Standard.
Working with most major car insurance companies allows Laurie Barrie to best serve customers according to insurance guidelines covering car respray costs. Repair times are varied depending on the extent of the damage being repaired but Laurie Barrie’s qualified staff will do their best to expedite the process and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

When coming to Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs for work please have your insurance claim number ready as this will help speed up the process for everyone involved. If you are not insured, Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs promises to give you fair and cost effective repairs. Car respray costs are tough to plan for, especially when getting auto body repairs but with Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs, these costs are fair and honest.

Auto glass repairs come with a 12 month nationwide guarantee while motor vehicle body repairs come with an industry leading full five year guarantee. All estimates use the Estimate Manager by PPG to guarantee proper pricing on things such as car respray costs. Laurie Barrie even offers digital imaging which is available through e-mail upon request. Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs is recommended by Allianz Insurance, Comcover, Innovation Group, Lumley General and many other major insurance companies.

Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs was founded in 1962 in Townsville. Hard work, dedication to customer satisfaction and quality repairs has allowed Laurie Barrie to expand to a successful auto repair company capable of coming to you, in some cases, and doing repairs in their shop for the last 50 years. Laurie Barrie Smash Repairs is a Self Assessed Quality Assured company. Conveniently located at 55 Pilkington Street, between Woolcock Street and Dalrymple Road.