Car wrecks can wreck your life. Even small fender benders may require parts of the car to need new paint. Painting a car, or parts, is usually not something that can be done by an individual in their garage- at least not if professional results are desired. Depending on the amount of damage caused in the accident, body repairs may need to be handled prior to painting the car.

Preparation for the paint to be applied to the car is the first step. Body work will be done during this period such as removing, and repairing, or simply replacing the affected car part. If parts are to be salvaged, repair steps will be taken. Straightening, tapping out dings and block sanding may be some of the steps taken in repair efforts. Block sanding will help smooth out ripples and waves in the metal so that the car paint work will appear more smooth and professional.

For the best results for car paint work the body parts will be stripped down completely exposing raw metal. This is also the most costly option available.

Once the parts are cleaned and sanded, they can be primed. The prime coat helps the colour coat keep its luster and stability longer than if no prime coat is applied.

The colour of the paint should match the car as best as possible. When choosing a company to paint your car, ask if they can match the current colour of the car, not just the manufacturer colour. This is important, especially for older models that may have experienced some car paint fading due to exposure to the sun, harsh cleaning products over the years or other environmental damage. It is quite apparent that a part of a car has new paint when it is matched to the manufacturer specifications rather than the current colour of the vehicle. Matching current colour is a very desirable option that many people don’t realize is available to them.

If the car part to be painted is not removed from the vehicle prior to paint being applied there are additional steps to be taken. Chrome, headlights, windshield wipers, all glass and tires will require covering with protection of some kind- usually thick brown paper and taped down. Otherwise parts of the car will receive paint in the next step in the car paint process.

The colour coat of car paint is prepared by mixing the paint with a hardener in a mixing bucket. Once the proper mixture is achieved, the paint will be poured into a spray gun container and applied to the car part to be painted. Depending on the type of car paint coating desired, single coat or base coat/clear coat the application process of car paint is either one step or two.

Car accidents and fender benders don’t have to ruin the look of your car. With proper care, professional repair work and correct colour matching your car can appear as good as new. By choosing a qualified repair facility, your car can look as good as new.