Privacy Statement

ABN: 90 611 914 529

1. Kateco Pty Ltd is an organisation that is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988. A copy of the National Privacy Principles is available for your perusal at our premises or you may obtain a copy from the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner:

2. The kind of personal information that Kateco Pty Ltd holds is:

  • Name and Address
  • Vehicle Details
  • Insurance Details

3. The main purpose that Kateco Pty Ltd holds this information is:

  • Processing Quotations
  • Processing Claims
  • Debtor Inquiries

4. Occasionally, Kateco Pty Ltd contracts out services to a third party, which carries out work that cannot be performed by Kateco Pty Ltd at our premises.

The type of personal information that may be given to these companies is:

  • Vehicle Details

5.If you would like further information about the way Kateco Pty Ltd manages the personal information held by Kateco Pty Ltd, then you may contact John Sherwood, at 55 Pilkington Street GARBUTT 4814 Ph: 47797787.

6. Any requests for access will be taken to the GENERAL MANAGER/PRIVACY COMMITTEE and you will be advised within 24 hours regarding the outsome of your request.

7. If you have any concerns about the way personal information is managed by Kateco Pty Ltd, or believe that a breach of your privacy has occurred, please contact John Sherwood at 55 Pilkington Street GARBUTT 4814 Ph: 47797787.

8. If you wish to speak with anyone at our company about any privacy issues our contact details are Kateco Pty Ltd at 55 Pilkington Street GARBUTT. 4814 Ph: 47797787.